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The Mr. Tradesmen Difference & Code Compliance Guaranteed

1. Mr. Tradesmen offers a wide range of coverage options for each quote requested.

2. Roof installations are not sub-contracted from us. All roofing installations are carried out exclusively by Mr. Tradesmen's internal team.

3. We customize the roof system to suit your home with no installation error guarantee.

4. We offer the best guarantees that any HomeOwner can hope for.

5. We can provide references upon request of previous work completed. Or you can reference our work by looking at our portfolio on the website.

6. We purchase professional grade materials to ensure all of our homeowners receive their last roof and not their next. Unless they move, of course, which brings us to our next feature.

7. Mr. Tradesmen offers all of our roofing installations with certified warranties that are transferable to new home buyers. Helping homeowners get the most of what they’re asking.

Denver Colorado & Dayton Ohio’s Top Choice RoofTop Installation Team

Trust in Mr. Tradesmen Storm experts to protect your greatest asset…

Mr. Tradesmen located in Huber Heights Ohio is a locally owned and operated full-service residential roofing company serving the greater Dayton Ohio and Miami Valley area. We specialize in roofing, gutters, residential siding and roofing contractors. When it comes time to repair or replace your roof, you want the best quality materials installed by skilled roofers in Dayton that are professionals who have done it before. With Mr. Tradesmen, you’ll find just that. We have over 15 years of experience and have helped many homeowners protect their family’s greatest investment; their home. We work with ALL insurance companies, and offer a wide variety of affordable financing options.

The Local Dayton Roofing Team you can rely on! Mr. Tradesmen offers advanced documentation, & Contactless Virtual Inspections.

Skilled Dayton Ohio Roofers Who Put Your Needs First

  • Local Family Owned & Operated
  • 15+ Years Roofing Experience
  • HAAG Residential & Commercial RoofTop Certified Inspector
  • HAAG Hail & Wind Damage RoofTop Certified Inspector
  • Lifetime Craftsman Warranties
  • Lifetime Manufactures Warranties
  • Professional Member of the American Policyholders Association
  • Providing Value Back to Your Home Guaranteed
  • Industry Certified
  • Customer Driven
  • BBB A Rated
  • Google Five Stars Rated
  • Facebook Five Stars Rated
  • Prior Roofing References Always Available
Image of the Roofing company truck parked in the drive way of an on going remediation project. You can see a residential home in Dayton Ohio under going storm damage remediation.

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Certified Roofing Family A+ 🇺🇸

At Mr. Tradesmen Storm Remediation and Roofing, our mission is to revolutionize the exterior restoration industry. Our non-contact inspections are videotaped and processed to give our owners a view like they’re on the roof with us.
We specialize in storm damage repairs because if you plan to process a claim, it is our documentation that provides undeniable damage and evidence to assist you in obtaining full compensation. Our Roofing Team is In-house and has been with us from day one. This is how Mr. Tradesmen is able to provide an installation without error guaranteed.
We are proud to announce as of 2021 that we are able to offer our customers 15 years of Tradesmen certified roofing replacement warranties and lifetime manufacturing warranty.

Quality Roofing materials installed by Only in-house Tradesmen Professionals!

Picture of a new roof installation in progress. You can see Roofers installing asphalt shingles.

Mr. Tradesmen also specializes in Armored Roofing products. We offer only the best products on the market that provide long lasting protection . TILCOR Steel Stone Coated Shingle, & Shake Installations. Mr. Tradesmen provides Tradesmen Certified lifetime warranty with only this superior product. Every installation also comes with a lifetime manufacturers warranty.

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The Kingzmen Roofing family established a home office in Huber Heights Ohio. Our expertise consists of construction research, and rooftop development. Greetings, I am the owner of Mr. Tradesmen Michael Kingzmen. I’m also a Denver native born in Colorado. I saw an opportunity here in Ohio to further my education and research into becoming tomorrows first and best choice in exterior development.
Although I supply my services all over Ohio. Any Colorado rooftop opportunities that may land on my desk? Well It definitely helps me travel back home to Assist in any projects that require my expertise. All of our roofers are 4th generation families. I had the chance to grow up getting to know most of them before choosing roofing lifestyle. This allows me to provide services in all of Colorado or Ohio, where I currently reside. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would like to take this opportunity to review your project.

Image showing how to spot storm damage on your shingles. You can see the image split into three categories illustrating the differences in hail, wind, and split shingle damage on a roof.

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What Is A HAAG Certification?

It’s common sense: building materials don’t last forever. Throughout a product’s life cycle, its ability to keep you dry and insulated can be affected in a variety of ways. The natural process of weathering and aging can be accelerated by a number of factors:

What Does Haag Certification Tell You About Me?

> problems during manufacturing

> design issues or errors during installation

> the damaging effects of hail and wind or other non-natural (mechanical) forces

While these issues are very different in origin, on the surface they can look quite similar. Determining the true cause of an issue with confidence requires advanced knowledge and thorough investigation techniques.

This is why Haag Certification is so valuable. Haag Certified Inspectors are not beginners in the field. They are adjusters, estimators, home inspectors, roofing contractors, consultants, and other industry pros who have fine-tuned their inspection skills to find damage where it exists.

> Not only must students meet prerequisites to attend, but they receive three days of direct and intensive training from seasoned Haag Engineers. (Haag’s course developers and teachers draw on Haag’s long history as a leader in the field of forensic engineering. Course instructors have over 300 years of combined field experience and have authored numerous industry-leading reports and researched studies on damage assessment.)

> To earn their designation as Haag Certified Inspectors, students must prove an in-depth understanding of advanced damage assessment techniques and philosophies by passing a comprehensive final exam.

> Students maintain active status as Certified Inspectors by requalifying through testing on an annual basis.

Simply put: Haag Certified Inspectors are tested professionals who possess the resources to assess damage with confidence.

Check out my personal Haag Certified Inspector profile at HaagCertifiedInspector.com today!

Michael Kingzmen- Owner of Mr.Tradesmen

“Most would say it has taught them how to find all possible installation errors. But for me it has taught me and my team, How to Prevent a Installation Error GUARANTEED.”

Picture of Michael Kingzman a Home Certified inspector. You can see the title HAAG inspector over top of the Michael Kingzman. Below Michaels picture and his name you can see tow certificates that say describes his commercial and residential certification.
Would you like to see us in action?

Every Full Roof Replacement comes with a 15 Year Tradesmen Certified Certificate of Completion Craftsman Warranty, and a Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty.
Because our Tradesmen build It right the first time ever time.

Featuring TILCOR Stone Coated Steel Shingles and Shake.

Picture of a Tilcor Roof installation in progress. You can see a roofer clearing of the roof surface prepping it for installation.
When you choose Mr. Tradesmen you can expect the business owner Michael Kingzmen lead his team in a successful installation without error every time.
Image showing tilcor roof. You can see the image displaying a graphic about the armored roof.
Image depicting the different layers of an armored roof. You can see an expanded view of the different roof layers depicted in different colors with labels  to the right.
Image showing roofing graphic.
Picture of a roofing diagram


Overview picture of a residential home with a new roof. You can see an overview of a home with a new roof.

We at Mr. Tradesmen understand that a home isn’t just somewhere you live, it’s your place. A place where memories are made and where you deserve to feel safe and sound. That why we work hard to install a product that can stand up to nature and offer a warranty the gives you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about. Choose the option below that’s right for you to see how Tilcor can help you.

Image of a gray banner with the words Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty.
Image with the words Tilcor Roofing Systems.

Homeowners that would like to learn more.

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Image of a flyer showing how to spot a damaged roof.


Punch Lists are available any time of year! We are, LICENSED, INSURED, BONDED, and CERTIFIED. As a family business that is training to become a full home builder. We took an oath to follow all Colorado & Ohio residential building codes, American policyholder association, International residential code, Colorado & Ohio Board of building standards and the NRCA. Our mission at the moment is to protect our homeowners and their investments. By building their last roof and not their next.